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«Il Mio Pulpo»
19. Mai 2016
Tracking, Mixing & Mastering by Franky Four Fingers. All DIY.

Download at bandcamp.

Image: 1905, Alfred Goldsborough Mayor, New York Zoological Society



Cover of Metamorphosis EP by Franky Four Fingers

1. bertolt brecht [06:27]
2. hill street blues [06:42]
3. ikarus (sgt. spaceship) [09:20]

all songs written and produced by Franky Four Fingers.
recorded live in march 2014. mixed by Dominik Inauen. mastered by Rolf Stauffacher.
artwork by Fredi Bissegger. design by Rémy Sax.
all rights reserved by Franky Four Fingers 2014.

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(the band would appreciate it if you played this record loud)

we visited Radio Top, Switzerland, to talk about the EP «Metamorphosis». Listen to the interview here.

Artwork Metamorphosis EP by Franky Four Fingers


by f.w. murnau
we played a live-soundtrack to the movie to celebrate the 20th birthday of the cinema luna, frauenfeld on oct 25.
recordings of the concerts are to be released next year

check out the trailer:

franky four fingers @ cinema luna



Croatan EP Cover by Franky Four Fingers

Croatan Artwork by Franky Four Fingers

1. basement drive [03:55]
2. croatan I [03:25]
3. black keys [04:03]
4. plains [03:41]
5. as deep as blue as you [03:22]
6. croatan II [03:31]
7. convergence [08:11]

all songs written by Franky Four Fingers. produced by Franky Four Fingers and Fabi Ann.
recorded at UG2 Studios Schlieren. mixed by Fabi Ann. mastered by Rolf Stauffacher.
artwork by Fredi Bissegger.
all rights reserved by Franky Four Fingers 2013.

listen, buy or download on bandcamp.

(if you want to: listen to it on youtube. but the quality might be shitty, better download it.)

check «Plains» live @ the lovely Wahu!Bar:


(you can hear some even older sound over at soundcloud)



23.9 - ALBUMRELEASE PARTY - Eisenwerk, Frauenfeld w/ Black Media
30.9 - Z88, Kreuzlingen w/ Addicthead 13.10 - Amriswil 11.11 - Horst Klub, Kreuzlingen w/ Bordeaux Lip 21.4.18. - Matinee @ Kunstmühle - SPECIAL ARTSY FARTSY SET


 FRANKY FOUR FINGERS play fine rock music with progressive, blues and punk elements.
they’re sound has been brewed playin' together in frauenfeld, tg, switzerland, for over nine years.
they’ve played over 100 shows the last few years in switzerland and near europe.

Press Photo 1 Franky Four Fingers
(photos by pascal pendl)

david nägeli (guitar), simon grässli (drums), severin beerli (bass), johannes eiholzer (vox), hannes bissegger (guitar), dominik inauen (organ&perc)

Press Photo 3 Franky Four Fingers



«metamorphosis» press release can be found here
band biography can be found here

high-res pictures can be found here
[PHOTO CREDIT: Pascal Pendl]



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